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Sinhala Education for children

e – Learning and Education award winner 2010

The e-Swabhimani is an initiative of the ICTA of Sri Lanka aimed at recognizing excellence in digital content creation. We are proud to announce you that, our Letter Island (අකුරු දූපත) childrens' programme has won the e – Learning and Education award 2010.

Welcome to Sinhala Education

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A good education is an essential factor for a child to meet the challenges of the present, complicated world trend. Therefore, parents try their best to give the best possible education. The capability of a child to acquire a higher education is primarily depend on many factors. Among them, funder mental language knowledge (reading & writing) which he acquired through reading, basic mathematical concepts, short & long term memory capabilities & computer literacy are prior important

We believe that the primary educational environment should not be confined to the Pre-school or primary grade class room. The education that the child receives during 2-5 hours with the guidance of his teacher & the company of his fellow students should not be restricted to the class room.

The computer as newest education colleague of your child

The children we meet nowadays, including your child are the pioneers of a future complicated and competitive society. They are not prepared to limit their education to the books within the class room. Out of various education instruments, they make use to acquire knowledge, computer occupies the pride of place.

Our Endeavour is to present you a computer based education system in all three languages to meet the aspiration of children at their preliminary education. Unlike numerous computer based education system that are available in global languages like English, Tamil. Due to this reason, native children who follow the computer based programmers’ to support their primary education hardly find any program from their native languages.



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  • Instead of deviation your child from the Computer, it will be more useful to direct him to a computer based subjective study. This will enhance their subject knowledge and the external educational awareness as well.
  • Often, the computer based education is organized to attract children creating interesting learning environments. Hence they automatically engage in interesting games which improve their subject knowledge
  • The child needs to think & decide by his own in order to follow each step in a Computer based activity. This will improve your child’s logical & analytical thinking abilities.

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